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Bath Buddys - Creations & Gifts!

Support Our Troops Patriotic Gifts and Decorations for your home

Soldiers Prayer Cross
A prayer written for the brave men and women fighting to keep our country safe. only $19.95 each

Patriotic Eagle
Stars and Stripes Polyresin with wood base $34.95

Vintage Americana Lamp
Stars and Stripes Lamp only $49.95

Patriotic Rooster Weathervane
Polyresin Weathervane Rooster $24.95

Welcome to Bath Buddys Creations and Gifts SUPPORT OUR TROOPS PAGE!
I am a military mom of two sons in different branches of the military and we have patriotic photos and decorations thruout our home to remind of the sacrifices that our veterans have made for our lives here in the USA.
I wanted to make them available to you also and if you have a veteran in your family, please let me know and I will give you a 15% discount on all of your order.
We Thank You and Appreciate You!

Patriotic Tapestry Throw
100% cotton blanket throw 50"X60" really cozy for only $49.95

Soaring Eagle Lamp
Statue and Lamp it is stunning for only $49.95