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Bath Buddys - Creations & Gifts!

Organza, Lace, Satin & Muslin Bags

Our bags are all custom made to order
You choose you colors and size to meet your needs. We only use fine fabric and also use ribbon or sparkle cording as ties for our bags and the ties or closing is in the front unless you want the double drawstring type of tying for your bags...
*Please let us know what your color schemes or ideas are and we will make your bags custom just for you at no extra charge.

Gold Organza Bags
these are some of the organza bags shown in 3 different sizes in Gold Color

A small example of colors available:
Blue-Teal-Red-Gold-Pink-Yellow-Orange-Neon Green-White-Ivory-Black-Silver-Purple-Lilac-Lavender-Peach

Organza front with Satin back bag in purple
this purple organza-satin bag has a bottle of lotion inside

Bags Pricing and Information
Our pricing is according to size and quantity.
If you order one bag to a dozen of each color and size.
the prices below are quoted for 1-12 and 12 and up.
If there is more of a quantity, please email for pricing.
3x4-     .85 each       .75 each
4x4-     .95              1.00
4x6-   1.25              1.00
5x7-   1.50              1.45
2x12   1.60              1.50 (fits incense)
Round bags example sizes and prices:
4 inch bottom x 8"    2.25 each      2.00
5 inch bottom x 8"    2.75              2.50
* Please note that these prices are only estimates and sizes and  prices will vary between these if you have a custom size (no extra charge)
* These bags are all available in either Organza, Satin, Lace and muslin and or linen.
* Many colors are available in these fabrics so please let me know if you have a color preference and that you can even choose two colors on one bag etc.
example: white organza on the front and teal satin for the back. Or you can choose cream colored lace and pink satin for the back.